Baking Soda Pregnancy Test Reviews

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Baking Soda Pregnancy Test

This time we (Pregnancy Test Guides) will review the baking soda pregnancy test, how accurate is the baking soda pregnancy test, and how does the baking soda pregnancy test work. Because there are still many of us who do not yet know how this simple, and there are still many who do not again believe the test results of a pregnancy test using baking soda.

Can I be pregnant? This is generally the first question that will come to your mind while you miss your time. You might have tried on many occasions to get pregnant but have not been lucky all that long. Then, suddenly, the pregnancy signals begin to show. You get started experiencing morning nausea, vomiting, and other pregnancy symptoms.

At this moment, the anxiety is killing you. You have to confirm if it could be true or not. But then you remember that you are in the rural areas with no local stores to purchase a pregnancy test kit or perhaps you do not know how to use the pregnancy kit suitably. Do not fret dear. There’s a way you can still confirm whether you’re pregnant or not.

Can you have baking soda in the kitchen? Yes, you got that right. Baking soda may be used in creating a baking soda pregnancy test. It is not only used to bake cakes and things, but also to clean your doubts and anxieties.

Some people don’t believe that it functions while some have tried and verified that it indeed works. In the following guide, the entire concept of the pregnancy test is going to be researched, the myths surrounding it, how it works, whether it’s accurate and much more.

How Does the Baking Soda Pregnancy Test Work

Baking soda is readily available in virtually every household. If you like baking, the chances are that you have it. This procedure uses some scientific principles to provide the outcomes. Let me not leave you tired with lots of chemistry, but here’s a brief idea of how it works.

Baking soda is a mild foundation, using a pH slightly higher than that of distilled water. When you mix an acid and a base, a gas is provided out which explains the existence of fizzles in the baking soda when you add vinegar to it.

Urine (forgive me, but there’s no other way of putting that ), is a mild acid, with the acidity varying from person to person depending on their health status. When you add some urine into the baking soda solution, it fizzles, with the degree of fizzling based on the acidity of the urine.

how accurate is the baking soda pregnancy test

There is simply no consensus about the validity of the test and its precision values. Taking a quick survey around the web and supplies precision values of approximately 70{478ff341dd9cda5458903967e949698c4189b77271b3f6896cf2e9c3666c8bef}, and this seems like it’s not too accurate.

Many people claim to have gotten accurate results regarding their pregnancies as well as the genders of their unborn babies employing this method. You will not also miss the team that claims this test didn’t help them at all. So, it’s a little conflicted out there.

The likelihood of the guess being correct is quite high though. Plus, girls back in the good old days relied on this method that it could be well worth a goat.

What’s better though is that this method should not be used to make conclusions depending on the outcomes that you get.If you’re seriously interested in knowing if you’re pregnant and the possible sexes of your babies, then do not use this technique.

What is Needed to Do a Baking Soda Pregnancy Test

You now know how this test works, what it could do for you and its probable shortcomings. Do you want to proceed anyway? If so, then these are some of the things you need to execute this test.

  • A dry and clean container, preferably a clear glass container.
  • Baking soda, two tablespoons. This must be from a fresh box since it tends to get stale with time.
  • Your urine. Merely take the very first sample in the daytime. It is thought that this sample is undiluted and gives the best results.

The Way to Go About It

1. Add the two tablespoons of baking soda into the wash container.
2. To this, add a couple of drops of the urine sample and then watch keenly what happens as you add the urine.
3. In the event the baking soda fizzles, a boy could be in the offing. If the soda stays calm and does not produce
bubbles, a little girl could be on her way.

Method Baking Soda Pregnancy Test

  • Wash your hands before you gather the urine to prevent contaminating the sample. Wear latex gloves if needed
    Hold the container under yourself as you sit in the bathroom and urine into it
  • Take a baking soda in a glass container and then add a few milliliters of urine onto it
  • Right after the inclusion, if there is a fizz, it suggests that you are pregnant.

It is preferred that you do this test with your first pee of the day since the urine may have diluted through the day as you drink water. This can change or skew the outcome of the test. Although the number of the baking soda or pee necessary to perform the investigation isn’t defined, it’s encouraged that you use equal parts of the products.

The baking soda pregnancy test directions are straightforward and can be done as early as the first trimester. The HCG levels usually reach a high point after the tenth week of pregnancy, and it’s better to try this test then.

While the test may not be entirely accurate, it may be a fun way to test your pregnancy outcome, particularly if you don’t want to wait till you get a pregnancy test. It’s also one way to bring some excitement to the pregnancy process. But to confirm your pregnancy, then it’s always recommended that you go to a doctor to get a more accurate result of your pregnancy. Your healthcare provider will be able to execute some blood tests or urine tests to verify your pregnancy.
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