Tailbone Pain During Pregnancy and How to Stretches

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tailbone pain during pregnancy

Most pregnant women experience a severe and pain in the pelvis (Tailbone Pain During Pregnancy), also called pelvic joint pain. The number of complaints has increased lately estimated due to a growing number of pregnant women who work with the position of the body that does not support them well.

In the period of pregnancy, the body secretes relaxing which facilitates the process of the birth of the baby. Hormone relaxing makes the joints around the path of labor becomes looser.

One of 35 pregnant women will feel pain around your pelvis (due to lax joints). The pain is usually felt around 15-18-28-38 weeks gestation. The burden of the growing uterus pressing a loose network in joints-joints around the pelvis. Therefore, if there is little movement, pelvic pain.

Soreness and pain can be felt not only on the waistline but also to the tailbone. Early symptoms that occur are generally thought around the pubic bone and the crotch. Sometimes at the bottom next to the waist and hips, or on the inner thighs.

The pain will increase if you walk, move, up the stairs, climbed into the car, even while changing the position of the bed. Sometimes when you walk, you’ll hear the sound of bone joints that you met.

Because of the pain you are feeling is caused by pregnancy hormones, doctors do not typically provide medicine to cope with it. However, if necessary, the doctor will prescribe pain relievers are safe for you and your fetus. The obstetrician will probably be working with physiotherapists to treat you. Generally, you will be recommended to use a buffer belt abdominal cavity pressure so that the bottom is not too heavy. The belt will make it easy for You to run.

Causes Of Tailbone Pain During Pregnancy

As for other factors to cause the tailbone pain while pregnant is as follows:

  • Injury.
    The injury is one of the most common causes of coccyx pain. Damage to the spine it can affect the tail bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons in the back. This condition occurs because of excessive activity.
  • Trauma.
    When the tailbone injury, it is definitely will then experience the trauma that will cause the sufferer to feel pain in the coccyx. Usually, that often happens because of trauma are falling from a Chair, banging on the tailbone will make this part becomes discolored.
  • Pinched Nerves.
    The presence of nerve on the part of the tail bones pinched will cause the sufferer to feel pain while sitting. This pain will create a sensation of burning as hot as on the buttocks and excessive discomfort. Sit down with a long time can also aggravate the pain.
  • The tumor.
    Cause this one is indeed terrifying. You need to know about the tailbone pain caused by the tumor is the emergence of other symptoms, especially the growing mass in the region of the coccyx. If pressed will feel pain and if used to sit it feels will be sicker again.

The work requires sitting for long, as working in front of the computer and the bends can increase the risk of tailbone pain during early pregnancy. These complaints will fade recover after you give birth.

How to Stretches for Tailbone Pain During Pregnancy

The use of drugs only relieve the pain but will not cure the illness in the coccyx. However, some sports stretches can be done to reduce the tailbone pain while pregnant:

  • Posse cat-cow.
    This stretching poses can provide power at rear waist and hips. Moreover, can also increase the mobility of the spine and remove pressure on the coccyx.
  • Pose standing cat-cow.
    The pose is similar to the above, but the pose was done standing. This stretches the spine moves differently and more comfortable to move and pull the bones.
  • Downward-facing dog pose.
    This pose stretches help stretch and strengthen the back waist, the back of your legs and elongate the spine.
  • The bridge pose.
    This poses to stretch and strengthen pelvic waist back, belly and your butt. So can relieve pelvic pain and back waist.
  • The pose of a child.
    The pose is excellent for stretching the back and pelvis. So can relieve pain in any part of the spine, including the back waist and hips.

Tailbone pain during pregnancy complaints or on other parts is indeed often occurring when a woman is pregnant. By doing the exercise, movements can relieve pain symptoms on Your tailbone. Good luck.

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